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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Introduction: The Beginning

From my experience, as a trainer, I see far too many people going after the same goals all wrong.   Health and Fitness is a science, there isn't room to make pre-mature judgments when scientific facts provide the way for optimal health and well-being.   I like to show my clients how to train EFECTIVLY and EFFICIENTLY, with as much ENJOYMENT as possible.   I want to share with you, my vast array of knowledge I have learned not only from within the US, but around the world!   I want to explain everything in a way that not only my colleagues can understand, but my friends, children, and even Grandma can understand.  Every “body” is different.  What works great for one individual, might not for another.

I am a world traveler, so I would like you to take a trip with me and explore the world of health and fitness!  All you need is your body, mind, and soul.   This goes beyond looking great for something superficial.  This lifestyle is ever changing and growing.   On this journey, you will experience:  growth, new beginnings, struggles with rewarding benefits, and as much positive light and reinforcement your body needs to achieve its desires and goals.  Don’t assume ALL your goals will be achieved in two weeks.  Remember, this is a lifestyle change. J    

I don’t want to just show and tell you what to do.  It’s important to know the language before you start traveling into another country, even if it is just basic phrases.   Imagine your body as the state you live in. Example: California.   It’s important to know all aspects of your state:
·         History
·         Capital
·         Major Cities
·         Favorite Cities
·         National Parks and Monuments
·         Past Natural Disasters
·         Scenery
·         Borders
·         Etc.

Variation is, and will be, essential, as it takes 2 weeks for your body to get comfortable with a specific routine.   Boredom can set-in real fast, so I hope you can expand beyond what I have put together for you, so you can get to your highest possible level.   For example, I even higher a personal trainer two times a year.   I like that extra push and motivation, and exposure to new ideas, theories, and explanations.  

Where do YOU begin? How do YOU start?  These are questions that are important to ask!   YOUR journey starts NOW, let’s begin!


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